welcome to a very different place

-by niels peter flint

-a micro place with a macro impact now looking

for partners / investors


We as humans are always looking for innovative new and exiting ideas to stimulate our ever more demanding lifestyles on planet Earth. However now time is ripe for big changes and challenges in order to get our world into some kind of balance OR “sustainable-out-of-balance” where we the homo sapiens, the animals, the plants and the earth in general can prosper in a ways that makes sense to everything. There are amazing possibilities which have never been explored and there are colossal amounts of creative energy out there which is only to be inspired, ignited and maybe directed / inspired in order to go new ways.


Im working on a new expression I call SENSUSTAINABILITY - the mix of SENSUAL & SUSTAINABILITY - I think the two words absolutely need to be part of tomorrows world and the way we live and think and do - therefore Im also designing a series of activities around this “philosophy” which I mix with another important dimension - MICRO LIVING.

Im basically - and have been all my life - trying to create new ways of living sustainably - and in a “sensual” way too - I believe we wont go anywhere unless we recognize that we are sexual and sensual and spiritual / mental beings who require more than just material satisfaction.


I have also realized that if we really want to save ourselves from extinction then our matter consumption needs to be dramatically changed - we simply need to consume a LOT less matter - but that can be done in new and amazing ways  - so therefore my work is including new MICRO HOUSES in MICRO villages based on other ways of approaching “materialistic happiness”.

And all this I experiment with as much as I can on MICRO MACRO MONDE in France.

And having said that business of tomorrow is not just about making more profits for shareholders – its about making qualitative life enhancing and sustainably (and sensual) responsible profits which will evidently look and feel different.

Micro Macro Monde MMM - is not only the place where I spent a lot of time and where courses are supposed to be held and many other activities in the years to come be happening - its also a place that slowly will become a MICRO MACRO HABITAT VILLAGE - and see more here for now in danish only about what MMH is - click here please.

Below you find the link to the first MICRO MACRO HABITAT LOUNGE to be held in Copenhagen - when we get a bit further there will also be MMH Lounge in Paris - I hope late this fall 2016.

No matter whether you want to come for a course or you want to maybe rent or become a partner or come to help - PLEASE look a bit around here on these pages - and then maybe also have a look at my latest web-project - the NPFLINTALES - click here to go there - and good luck - Im looking forward to hear from you.

Niels Peter Flint

experimental architect & designer



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The Micro Macro Monde DREAM


  1. -lots of help is needed to realize the dream of a place on the planet where you can think and DO DEEP LIVING.

  2. -If you are interested in being a voluntary here please contact me and we see if it can work out. There are many things to do or various kinds but life here is VERY simple - naked if your want (at least respect nudity) and diverse. Theres room for everyone - as long as we respect each other for whatever we are and whatever we represent. The most important is mutual respect AND profound and deep respect for nature.

  3. -The Micro Macro Monde project is a complex creature

  4. -Click here if you would like to come and take part in the work being developed right now and the coming year(s). on the following pages you can see the work we are doing and see if there is something you would like to come and help with - also you will be able to read more about how and what is needed if you want to come to MICRO MACRO MONDE.

  1. -visit NPFlint Consultancy - click above on logo

Moulin de Planchette, 72400, Cormes,