micro LIVING

Energy in tomorrows world is relatively simple...we just need to wake up and understand whats available in abundance. Biogas in a very broad sense could provide us with everything we can dream of - it just needs to be conceptualized and designed right - and that is the complicated part - not because its complicated, but because our mindsets are complicated...its amazingly simple to do the needed.....as simple as we do it - the way we are designed to do it (going to the loo)..in todays world we just do it in the wrong place (the thinking and delivering our earthly substances (the ones we dont like to talk about)), at the wrong time in the wrong way - and that causes MASSES of problems - problems that are so big that most of us have no idea how to come up with appropriate solutions.

More than 15 years ago I proposed compost solutions (as a consultant for the city renewable project of Copenhagen) to the city of Copenhagen...its was considered “going back to stoneage” and almost everyone laughed at the “ridiculous” suggestion - now after having spend billions on renovating a system that no matter what will be totally in efficient in few decades, decision makers (politicians etc.) hopefully will start to understand that we need to do things ENTIRELY different.

See this video and start to GET REAL...this is possible to do in your garden, on your balcony - well actually anywhere...and there is a lot more to come here..

January 2011

And for those of you who live in Copenhagen - you can go and see a vision in images on the European Environmental Agency at Kongens Nytorv - the WORLDBY exhibition is there now.

March 2012

Next WONDERWORLD exhibition will be at Gallery DAMP in Copenhagen in July and Sep. 2012.


Niels Peter Flint


“micro living energy - ETERNAL TRANSFORMATION”

- from the land to the table to the too to the land to the plants to the table to the...........a poetic journey to future world that “understands itself”....